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#ZUG-305234: Conversation with Tyler James Sternadel and others

Reply All,

Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. For your records, the details of the ticket are listed below. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately.

Ticket ID: ZUG-305234
Subject: Conversation with Tyler James Sternadel and others
Department: Information Products Customer Service
Priority: Medium
Status: Open

You can check the status of or reply to this ticket online at:
Password: j28ntryu

Kind regards,

McReaSoft Solutions, Inc.

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Conversation with Tyler James Sternadel and others

Hi FB friends I tried this the other day and I couldnt believed it really came via fedex this morning! I was never charged… I even recieved a tracking number! My invite link they gave me works for 7 friends, whoever uses it first can get one to, if they still have any. Enjoy!

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Lighter Than Air

Science was Interesting Today; we learned about Condensation. And come to think of it water when it is vary sparced out like rub over a counter it does dissipate into the Air. And the Hindenburg Project of a Hydrogen balloon blowing up in the sky and scaring the crap out of everyone in the stands does sound like it could be done safer. If a 100 degree climate controlled temperature were maintain fill with instant steam one could float right out of the atmosphere. Hope you don’t have wings and have an alternate means of travel in space and decension onto a planet of equal size as earth unless you would like to be a midget compressed by the weight of the world you venture too. Have a Nice Day.

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South-East Asia Perspective 2011

Myanmar’s choice of crops have very lucrative medicinal purposes and if made into a controlled substance and derived into medicines could gravitate the country to be a major exporter of pharmaceutical products.

Laos has a centralized plan that could be very stable being it was not removed and could work as an outpost for various branch outs from this central system allowing for economic and organizational experiments to be testing business model validity for the system Laos possesses to see whether certain models are suited to work well with the central plan. Temporary office space could be used to test them until a permanent place is needed.

Brunei has oil reserves that subsidize public sector needs of the population which brings to mind the benefits of the free gifts strategy. If you want to give things to people for free how are you going to pay for it? They have to be produced and paid for somehow if you take the population that needs free services and fund it with a charitable contribution from revenue sources that are able to make a profit; on top of charitable gift donations then the equation for the public sector should eventually look like this: Revenue Produce (0) >= Charitable Contributions / Population Served.

Political Disunity: May I suggest taking a Micro-Cosmic view of political rivals as not a threat but as Competitors that know if you get funding for your project there may not be enough funds for their project which could easily be decided in business by doing a cost reward analysis where comparatively whoever can show that their projects has the possibility of the most reward and the party or component of party is measured on a success ratio of being able to reach the reward goal of their proposal it will add to a systematic measure of success as well as build a reputation as a can do fellow.
But corroboration between parties needs to take place as well and avoiding points of disagreement is necessary to be civil about differing points of view that don’t lead in the same direction to not force someone to change their view to your view just to win an argument.
By understanding the characteristics or your Competitive Parties you can sort through a bullet list to find areas of common ground where you can create a policy that each of you can contribute your strengths and weaknesses and share in the benefit of a bi-partisan agreement.

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The Belief in Ones’ Own Purpose

We Start off life in a Pipe Dream the moment we realize the abundance of all life has to offer. Before that Pipe there was not much more than Consumerism on the Mind and what more can I get, do and feel. The stroke of Vision and Ones own ability to Empower oneself to move mountains and make changes in the world that you lay claim too as a right of passage to make your mark on the world. The Changes we make in this World effect all those Around Us Big and Small, True & False, Believing & Non-Believing. Their Truth on what is happening is their Reality and is Created by All of Us. We hold in Our hands the Rights of Passage to Shape this Planet in Any Manner we Choose to Provoke and Make our Final Day on this Planet as we Chose to have it lived by the Steady Course of Our Individual and Collective Visions. >

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Strategies to the European Agenda

> The Centralized Economic Development Plan is the Occurrence noticed within Europe. Having this as a Focal Point for Negotiations in International Policy will be Key to Understanding that what goes on in Europe Stretches beyond Europe to other Countries with Agreements to Uphold by All Europeans expecting to benefit from the Euro. >
> Creating a Policy Trading Screen with Economic Regions connected to the EU which will match economic policies that match economic policy in the EU which will be automatically pursued for Economic Growth. All none aligning Economic Policies will be sorted by Keywords and integrated into negotiations for Potential Trade Agreements where 2 Policies match at some percentage of relevance and can both be negotiated with one another to align with similar consistency in the Agreement. >
> A full Assessment of Production Assets are needed to Apply Efficiency measures to Adjust Effectiveness of Production to Parties of Benefit with the Goal of achieving a Return on Assets that is able to Supply Needs and Likes as well as Sustain Economic Activity. >
> Humanitarian Aid/Tax Dependents
> Monetary Making Methods
> Sustainable Budget
> Cost of Goods Sold = Price of Goods
> Goods Produced – Revenue Received = 0
> Transaction Card for Dependency Supplements can only be used at Participants Establishments who are Non-Profit and Contribute back into the fund and maintain a non-poverty presence.
> A Monetary Making Methods Guide Book will be a sign up bonus to Aid seekers. It will be a step by step guide on how to build and run and reinvest profits in business and how to pay personal expenses for all open to any startup person willing to put in the work. Training for the workforce does not constitute a person as independent.
> Owned Establishments will supply Consumables Non-Consumables and Business Startup Needs from the Guide Book.
> Cost of Goods Sold will be adjusted on a Monthly basis until the break-even point is reached for investment discounting sunk costs acquired starting the venture and establishing a point at break-even for contingent areas that can be improved to decrease costs and prices. >
> Suggestive Comments will need to state the Cultural Heritage of the Sender for Uniformity of Cultural Values under the Pretense of encouraging Cultural Pride and United Cultural Accumulation of their own Unique way of Life.
> Breadwinners are often the head of the household and if Europe was chosen by various cultures to live in it’s house and be provided with a roof over their head; they must see a respectable outcome of becoming affiliated with being European. A Strong Nurturing and Caring Patron provides for an environment that encourages a persons best and brightest natures to shine through. >

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